6 thoughts on “Freedom

  1. In my post of 1/5/2013 I omitted one important fact. When he bought her in 1913, Alex Burt changed her name to OBAN then changed it to ANZAC in 1915 to commemorate the Gallipoli landings.


  2. My Great grand father was Captain Charles Daniel, this was the launch he used as the Fisheries Inspector when he was based out of Panmure – when named ANZAC – it was moured in the neck of the lagoon. It was said that he had painted the hull on one side white and the other black – in order to confuse pochers/illegal fishers – he would approach would be suspects revelling on one side of the launch, state he was an inspector, and do only a basic once over and then leave, hence they would think as the inspector has now passed they were now clear to proceed fishing illegaly, only to have the Captain turn about once out of site, and return to the now unsuspecting suspects in a now black hulled launch, thus they would be caught unaware and mostly red handed and as well as faced. My late uncles last saw her on the Kaipara in the early 90’s, they remembered her fondly.


  3. This launch was built by Bailey & Lowe in 1911 as MAPUHI for A.B. Donald. Donald sold her to Alex Burt Jr in late 1913. In late 1915 Burt changed her name to ANZAC in a fit of patriotic pride. She was sold to the NZ Government in the mid-1920s and used as a Fisheries Inspection vessel under command of Capt Daniel. Later she was on the Kaipara renamed BETTY then FREEDOM. I saw her last moored off Herald Is.


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