Built for Leon Warne, Ken Ricketts took this photo her 1st weekend in the water in North Harbour, Ponui Island, c.1948 –
Possibly she had a Kermath Petrol engine & the owner was intending to use her for game fishing. No idea where she is now so any updated info much appreciated

Update from Ian Miller

I think this is the “Marline” that operated out of Tauranga for many years as a charter game fishing boat. She was owned by Peter Brasting (I think I have spelt that correctly) and for one summer season in the 1960’s he operated on charter out of Gisborne Harbour. Murray Upton, another member of the Gisborne Yacht Club, and I helped Peter bring her from Tauranga to Gisborne that year. I have lost track of her since her return to Tauranga at the end of that season, and from time to time have wondered about her whereabouts as well. My wife and I now own “Alpheus” , and are members of CYA.

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  2. From the Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats that I have been compiling. The record has been updated thanks to the correspondents to this blog.

    Name: Marline
    Later names {also Sail or Rego or Fishing No}:
    Material: Wood
    Rig: 1mast Rig changes & identification codes: 4(or5)
    Type:Charter+Fishing/Cruiser+Yacht Propulsion: Screw single
    Year built: 1950 Yard or Job No:
    Builder: Warne, Leon
    Where built: St. Mary’s Bay, Auckland, NZ
    Engines: Motor (believed Kermath petrol)
    Official Number: 178449 IMO Number: 0
    Dimensions (ft)—Length: 34.83 Breadth: 11.33 Depth: 3.5
    Volumetric ‘tonnage’ measurements (1 ton = 100 cubic ft):
    Gross: 11.38 Underdeck: Net: 5.16
    Decks: 1Dk Deck Erections: Hw+RFD/Ca
    Number of funnels &location: Number of bulkheads:
    Tanks, etc: Freeboard:
    Stem: Straight Figurehead: Nil Stern: Transom
    PORTS and owners: AUCKLAND’50 Leon Warne: a50 Peter Brasting(check spelling): b13 Ken Warne (of Epson)
    Fate/Status— Year: 2013 Type: Operational Details:
    History and details: Four portlights in port side of RFD. Built from timber given as compensation for a boat taken for service with the War Office. Intended for game fishing. First weekend’s run was in North Harbour, Ponui Island. 1950/07/17 registered, Auckland No.7 of 1950. Operated out of Tauranga for many years as a game fishing boat. 1959/11 engine altered. 1960/08/29 register still open. 1960s operated on charter for a season out of Gisborne Harbour. 2013/04 kept in the Tamaki River, owned by builder’s son.
    References (see Wai1(P):Wat1
    Research notes:
    Corrections, additions or updates gratefully received via email at
    If information is published please acknowledge Mori Flapan: Register of Australian and New Zealand Ships and Boats 2013 and any other major contributors listed in References above (usually denoted by capitals).


  3. She is currently owned by Ken Warne, ( lives in Epson ) Leon Warne’s son. Leon did build it from timber given to him as compensation for a boat taken for service from the war office.


  4. Now in the Tamaki just up from my boat. Nice looking boat too. Unusual that Leon Warne had some one build a boat for him!


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