Connie V

Connie V

Connie V a Connie V

She is one of 3 sister ships WANDA II (for Fred Porter) & DOREEN ( for Gordon Mace ) later renamed TANGAROA. DOREEN had & still has as far as I know 1 x 6LW Gardiner & WANDA II had 2 x 6cyl Scripps petrol engines later replaced of course with diesels.

photo & story ex Ken Ricketts

modern photos ex current owner – Gavin Cook

Photo below of Connie V (Feb 2015) ex Harold Kidd

01-03-2016 photos ex trademe ex Ken Ricketts

5 thoughts on “Connie V

  1. As the present owner of Connie V I have followed her story as posted on this blog with a good deal of interest. The first article entitled “The story of Connie V” has been taken from Paul Titcheners book “Sea classics of New Zealand”. Paul is a member (by marriage) of the Valentine family and his account of her history is the correct one. Connie was completed and launched in December 1949. She was registered (Official No.178444) in February 1950. Originally she was powered by two petrol Chrysler Ace Marine engines. In 1984 these were replaced by two Ford 85hp Lees Marine Diesels. Ken Ricketts has confused Connie with Wanda when he says that Connies original Greys were replaced by a pair of BMC’s. As far as I know Wanda is still fitted with those BMC’s. I purchased Connie from the Valentines in 1999. She is still fit and well and in Auckland. Paul in his story comments that; “many a fine party has been held in her spacious saloon cabin” and dear readers you can be assured that that tradition continues.
    If I knew how I would post a recent photograph.


  2. Those Greys were sooo quiet, We’d be happily at anchor in Schoolhouse (before the wharf and all the moorings went in) and wake up the next morning to find that the Valentines had arrived during the night without a murmur. A gorgous boat and always in beautiful condition back then.


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