Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

Sometimes even an old woody like myself is moved by music – this video titled – ‘Dip and Sway’ appeared on the Off Center Harbor v-blog and I dived into a google search to find a ‘free-to-air’ copy of it.

Visually and sonically it ticks all my boxes – Turn your sound up and have a listen / watch – you will enjoy it. The BBQ grill seen towards the end is a doozy 🙂

WW Caps – the new low profile, canvas cloth caps have been a winner – the new understated colour topped with the dark brown WW embroidered logo has a dash of understated style. I have reorder 3 times and stocks are getting low – order today – just click the email link here and tell me your name, postal address and number of caps required ( best order was x5) I’ll come back to you with payment details – $38 + $6 p&p. waitematawoodys@gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Feel Good Friday

  1. For some riveting viewing, try the array of clips from Smithy’s boatshed. Ian Smith in Sydney has built a number of classics including the replica 18-footer Britannia, and is currently filming the build of his 24-foot Ranger class. See in particular his clips on carvel planking. He’s pretty damn good.


    Thanks Robin – I have posted a few links to Ian’s site before, always get viewing. Cheers Alan H


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