3 thoughts on “Kokiri at McLeod Bay 29-5-1967

  1. HATEA was an american design and built by Bill Deeming in the WHB slipway workshops during a slack period in port activities and to keep the men employed. This was pre Ralph Trimmer maybe late 40’s.


  2. I think the NHB “tug Hapea” is in fact the “HATEA”, before she went in the early 70’s to spend the next 40 years in the Bay of Islands as Workboat/Pilot Boat. Built by Smiths in Whangarei, she was only around the 36-foot mark, single screw, punched well above her weight, and acquitted herself faithfully to the very last, before being disposed of by tender by the (now) Northland Regional Council around 2010’ish, – in favour of their new aluminum catamaran work/pilot boat “Waikare”. Hatea was sold to a chap in Tauranga, then latest reports suggest she is now in the South Island.


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