Todays story headline should do wonders for my google search score 🙂 but the stories all about the photo above, not the mood enhancing pills. How I’m sure a Yes / No score on the photo would be 50/50, as its one of those boats you either like or dislike. In fact it would be fun to do a vote – see below. The design wouldn’t be very practical for the Hauraki Gulf but its just so ‘right’ and her skipper looks like he has discovered divine happiness. You would have to assume there is an internal helm.

So woodys excuse the pun – but just sit back and smell the flowers 🙂 

VOTE BELOW ON TODAYS WOODYThumbs up = you like • Thumbs down = don’t like

FREE TO A GOOD HOME Curved hinged deck chain pipe – leads anchor chains from the winch through the deck and into the anchor well.

3 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. With the glossy deck, and the bell on the mast -no she would never go to sea, looks like a Thames boat or an American resto. I very much doubt there is a helm inside -what for? Nice all the same.


  2. Good morning Alan,

    I am very interested in the deck chain pipes. My Maurice Griffith Yacht, recently acquired, has had this item removed at some point prior to my ownership.

    You might recall putting up a photo of this craft a few months back. Many thanks for that. We now know she’s a “Lone Gull 11” designed by MG and built in Christchurch some 40 years back.

    Sent from my iPhone Regards Roger young

    Sorry Roger – they were ‘claimed’ at 3am – the early bird catches the worm 🙂 Alan H


  3. Hi Alan,

    If those chain pipes are still available Lady Karita would love them.

    Many thanks

    Murray Shaw

    Couldn’t think of a better home, I’ll connect you with the current owner of them and you two can arrange dispatch details. Cheers Alan H


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