Whats Happening With Caprice

Whats Happening With Caprice

The launch Caprice has made numerous appearances on WW over the years – back in 2013 she was for sale for approx. $30k and again in 2018 for $10k. In January I was contacted by Brett Stanaway who sent me the two photos above of Caprice moored in Mill Bay, Mangonui, Northland. At the time Brett commented that he found the tumble home in the stern quite pronounced for an old timer like that. I believe she is 34’ in length and powered by a 60hp Fordson diesel. Type Caprice in the WW search box & to see more photos, there has been a lot of speculation as to her designer/builder.

In the photos she is looking a tad neglected and crying out for some TLC. Do we know if she sold back in 2018 or still with the same owner? The bones are there of a nice woody – it would be a shame for her to deteriorate to a condition that would rule out anyone taking her on as a restoration.

Can we get an update on her status – if its still for sale, would be nice to find a new owner.

1 thought on “Whats Happening With Caprice

  1. So sad she has degenerated as she has. When I spoke to the owner of the day a few years ago now, she was a much loved part of his family.
    Hope she still sufficiently alive still, to be restored. KEN R


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