Corinthic + Lake Rotoiti Wooden Boat Parade Today


The above photo comes to us via Diane Kinzett’s fb and shows the workboat Corinthic that successfully fished out of the Bay of Islands. In this photo she was owned by brothers George and Bob Atkinson, Bob is at the wheel and George sitting. Diane’s father – Gerald Keene (Bob’s step-son) is on the bow. Sadly the boat sunk after hitting a rock at Tapeka Point in the early 1970’s.

Anyone able to tell us who built her and when?


Today is the 24th running of the amazing parade held each year on Lake Rotoiti, this year its looking like 70+ classic’s on display. If you are in the area , a great vantage spot to view the parade, starting at 11am, is the banked grass area near the Okere Falls Store. If you can’t be there, check WW on Tuesday for my report 🙂

2 thoughts on “Corinthic + Lake Rotoiti Wooden Boat Parade Today

  1. With enormous thanks to the original organiser Gillingham
    Who knew in those early days this would be a calender event of gorgeous little boats
    Well done guys


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