Rehutai + Woody Boat Yard Boot Sale

REHUTAI + Woody Boat Yard Boot  Sale

Sunday night I was scratching the head thinking what Tuesday’s WW story would be and ping – I get an email from Sally Verbiest inquiring about her grandfather’s, Roy Barton, Sam Ford built launch – Rehutai. Roy lived in the Wairarapa when he owned the boat, unfortunately Sally doesn’t know the dates, but Roy dies in 1968, in his early eighties. 

The photo above is from an old family album and Sally thinks it was taken in Queen Charlotte Sound. The rather lovely cartoon, was drawn by a friend of Sally’s father – a depiction of Roy, whose main retirement hobbies were boating and polo. He must have been a great guy 🙂

Sally has asked that if current owner Tony Whyman? or anyone that knows him, could contact WW (via the comments section) as Sally would like to see these items reunited with the the boat.
You can see and read a lot more on Rehutai here


Lets be honest, we all collect / hoard boat bits. Could be a good time to gain some more space and earn a few dollars.

Waitematawoodys and The Slipway, Milford are hosting a boat boot sale on Sunday 18th October at their boat yard in Milford, Auckland. Details below.

So woodys, be brave and get together anything boat related that you think needs a new home and bring it along on Sunday 18th (10.00>11.30am) – to stop some ponker turning up with an alloy mast – there is only one rule – items must fit in a car boot 🙂 But we will make an exception for grandad’s kauri clinker dinghy.

Its a big shed but space will be limited so drop me an email to reserve some space
As its the day after the General Election – I’ll either be in a good mood or very grumpy. AND IT IS CASH ONLY.


4 thoughts on “Rehutai + Woody Boat Yard Boot Sale

  1. Thank you Sally for making contact.
    i do have a copy of the cartoon of Roy, from the Martinborough Hotel, behind the bar, given by a friend many years ago.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me to revisit the Rehutai.

    best wishes



  2. The REHUTAI built in Wellington in 1912 by Wells, Shorland and Whte is another a animal. This REHIUTAI (and there were several others) was built by Sam Ford in 1926 for C C Ross of Wellington with a 50/75 hp Stearns. R/N. Barton, then of Featherston, bought her in 1935/6 and kept her at Picton. In 1938 Barton replaced the Stearns with a 95hp Chrysler. She was still owned by Barton to 1958 at least.

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  3. there was a 40-something foot launch built by William Shoreland at Island Bay, Wellington named Rehutai and launched I think 1912. I take it this must be a different one?

    I saw the one in the link at Evans Bay hardstand about two years ago looking sharp


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