Levanter > Vinaka

I think this ones going to be a goody – the two photos above were uncovered by Bill Brown in his families photo collection. Bill is my new ‘best friend’ – his family in the late 1960’s > early 1970’s owned my launch – Raindance. Then called Lady Gay. Bill sends me photos of her when he uncovers them – I like that 🙂

I can just make out the word – Whangarei, on the truck door.I suspect even Nathan Herbert will be scratching his head today 🙂 First one today that correctly names the boat (draw if more than one send in the correct answer) wins an Off Center Harbor cap. As always entry is only via email to waitematawoodys@gmail.com

30-09-2020 no winners – if we believe the caption on the rear of the photo (below) the boat is named – Levanter.

UPDATE 25-11-2021 Mark McLaughlin has advided – now named Vinaka


5 thoughts on “Levanter > Vinaka

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  2. My Parents Dick and Leigh Lawson owned this boat for a few years when it was based in Auckland. They had it moored near the Outboard Boating Club in Auckland. Dad and I have been wanting to know where Vinaka ended up after they sold it. It was only sold as they moved to Australia. Sadly Dad passed away in May this year and he would have loved to of seen these old photos. He was once the Club Captain of the OBC and we have always had boats since growing up. He had a flying bridge put on the boat and we spent many family holidays at Waiheke Island, Bay of Islands, Coromandel etc. Lots of very fond memories. Would love to visit Motueka to see Vinaka Again. I am Dick and Leigh’s Daughter Britt Hodkinson.


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