Daily Bread

Short and sharp story today, busy relaunch the boat and heading off to Stillwater for the Woodys Waterfront Picnic later today. 20 boats have RSVP’ed so should be a great day.

Paul Trevethick posted the above photo of the launch – Daily Bread on his fb and commented that the launch was seen here departing Portland Island* after dropping stores off at the lighthouse.
Do we know anymore about – Daily Bread, is she still around, name change, etc.

* Located off the southern tip of the Mahia Peninsula on the North Island – photos below

2 thoughts on “Daily Bread

  1. Saw Daily Bread at Waikokopu on a cradle on hard but nearly covered in weeds etc .Planks had all opened up and was in a very poor state of repair. Elderly maori man said many had tried to buy her over the years but he was going to restore her and definitely not for sale. That was about 25/30 years ago so I would be amazed if anything was ever done with her. I had heard stories about Daily Bread when I was fishing out of Napier and I was told she was a Logan but I would not know if that was correct or not.


  2. Daily Bread used to be owned about 50 years ago by Paul Ramsay who I think was Norwegian or Danish. He operated her as the lighthouse tender to Portland Island. I was working for a contractor when they were laying a cable out to the island to automate the light. Paul was legendary having carried a bulldozer to the island dismantling it then reassembling on the island


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