The above game boat photos was included in the bundle of Ken Warne’s photos of his launch Marline – can we uncover more about her, a very distinctive looking woody. Also maybe Jason Prew could just walk across the boat shed at the Slipway, Milford and ask Ken – he is there most days working on Marline.

Speaking of Marline the ’new’ / stripped down dog-house is coming along nicely – photos below. 


2 thoughts on “Marlin

  1. I could be wrong here, and Ken Warne is the right man to ask, but I think MARLIN was built by the Warne brothers at Russell as CIGARETTE and launched on 3rd December 1925 with a 6 cylinder 60hp Kermath and was renamed MARLIN by Leon Warne after the first charter to Zane Grey was over in 1926.


  2. She looks to me as if she would have been built in the very late 1920s to 1936 period & about 38-40 ft long with a beautiful flare — a really lovely boat.& naturally someone is sure to say she was built by Baileys (or Collings & Bell), as usual– but who knows?? Really interested to know more about her– KEN R


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