WW Needs Help Navigating The Next 4 Weeks

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Duchess – 1920 Bailey & Lowe – parked off Cowes Bay, Waiheke Island

WW Needs Help Navigating The Next 4 Weeks
Hello Woodys
We all knew ‘Lock-Down’ was going to happen but Level 4 status so soon was a surprise, I thought we had a few more days before that. But it is the right call for the country. 
The last few days have been surreal, driving around Auckland the traffic / parking has been brilliant and almost every thing is on-sale. But no people in cafes and high street shops, so the buzz of a big city is missing – its a bit like walking down the main street in Whangarei at 2.30pm on a Saturday afternoon.
So woodys whats the next 4 weeks looking like?
• There will continue to be a daily WW story
• I’d encourage you to visit some of the WW stories from upwards of 6 years ago – there are approx. 3000 stories and over 20,000 photos on the site. Use the Search Box to find a particular boat, or a builder, year of launching etc.
• Always read the comments section on a story, there have been over 500,000 visitors to the site and 5,300,000 views, so the feedback sometimes is better reading than the story 🙂
I Would Love Some Help
If you have some spare time over the next few weeks during the enforced stay at home, have a look in the bottom draw for any old photos, log books and memories of you and your families boating life. Do not play god and try to decide if its of interest to WW readers, let myself and my helper – Flora McKenzie  do that 🙂


I have had a cool idea – a lot of us live close to marinas. As part of your ‘allowed to do’ exercise, we could walk to the marina and check WW friends boats. Only applies to those marinas with open gates.
I’ll be strolling (its a good walk) to Bayswater once a week, so let me know if you want a txt confirming the love of your life is still afloat etc
These May Save My Marriage 🙂
Recently I purchased a pair of Bose bluetooth sunglasses that allow you to listen to music and take phone calls – there is nothing in or over your ears, so you can hear and interact with things around you. In the enforced close quarters we will find ourselves in being able to listen to your own music, shows and take mobile phone calls will be cool – I suspect there would be a murder if we were all listening to something different at the same time. Plus – perfect on the boat, last trip I listened to a whole day of cricket and could still hear the engine purring.
One of the coolest features is the gesture control for volume – to turn the volume up/down, you press and hold a button and look left or right to adjust the volume 🙂
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9 thoughts on “WW Needs Help Navigating The Next 4 Weeks

  1. It seems happy hour is very happy for you Chris? 😆
    Very sensible advice Nick, I was tempted to go out I must confess, but I have now reset…..
    I can’t rule out flounder spearing at some stage though….


  2. Received the Coastguard message as well. Our boat is our home. Presently moored in Lidgards, Kawau having had to tell 3 visiting dolphins just off our stern they couldn’t come aboard for happy hour. Very disappointed looks from them. How many houses have dolphins visiting? Stay ashore?


  3. Just noted that the Coastguard the following message

    Urgent message from Coastguard: uniting against COVID-19

    Yesterday, we heard from the Prime Minister that to combat this virus we need to self-isolate and take individual responsibility.

    Last year Coastguard responded to more than 3,700 calls for help, proving that regardless of your planning and preparation as a boatie, you can’t always rely on your own steam to get home.

    As individuals we need to recognise that our actions can have an effect on others.

    We have had a lot of calls and messages from the public asking if they’re able to go out on the water during the lockdown period; our answer is no. Should you get into difficulty, you will quickly want help from Coastguard volunteers and staff, requiring them to leave self-isolation and come together to help you.

    At this time when we all need to Unite to beat Covid-19, we ask that you stay off the water and out of harm’s way. Please don’t put yourself or others at risk.

    Stay safe, keep well.


  4. Just been told by a health professional that going out in my boat by myself is absolutely fine.


  5. Anyone driving past the Orakei boatsheds please have a look to see that Pacific is OK!

    I’ll get onto finding some good WW material.


  6. You be nice about Whangarei in future, you hear! It is a great place to live, and boat, and fish, and relax.


  7. driving is surely allowed you are isolated in your car, i said to my partner that we could pack up a lunch and thermo and go to the beach, providing we do not come into contact with other people, we should be ok. we have driven down to the water many times to watch the boats, what are the woody;s thought’s,


  8. Driving surely must be permitted. If not we can lend you a horse to get to the supermarket!


  9. A Few Questions
    1. During the lock-down could you travel to your boat and go boating?
    2. I assume driving is not allowed but if you are within walking distance, could you walk there as part of your ‘exercise’ ?
    3. If your woody is thirsty e.g. takes up water, who checks it?


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