Lady Jane On The Move



Back in December 2019 Angus Rogers sent in the photos above of Lady Jane anchored at Kawau Island. Then yesterday David West emailed me the two photos below of Lady Jane on the move – David was travelling behind her on state highway one heading south, nearly in Taihape.
Read more about here at the WW link.
Anyone know where she is off to?
Does anyone know the where abouts of – Lester Turrell,  he was building a 43′ Roger Carey design based on the fishing boat “Achenar” 20 odd years ago in Auckland.

4 thoughts on “Lady Jane On The Move

  1. Good work Luke in maintaining her, and keeping her running for the last few years, and also using her regularly.
    Hopefully the next owner will do the same.


  2. I used to work with Lestor in the ’80’s, and lost touch with him until I spotted him in the supermarket on Mokoia Rd. Birkenhead. He said his boat was still being built, is still on the hard, and he’s living in it. I think he said it is in the back lot of a timber yard in Beach Haven. I’ve scouted briefly in that area, but failed to sight his boat.
    regards, Ken Goa

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  3. Get hold of Mike Rees of Mike Rees Foundry in Porana Rd Takapuna and he will tell you how to find Lester as he pops into Mikes weekly


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