Photo ex Swashbucklers, Westhaven.

Anniversary Day 1926 Surf


In a recent email exchange, Philip Goddard sent me a photo (top above) of what he thought was the launch – My Girl.
Talking with My Girl’s owner, Jason Prew, Jason advised the launch in discussion was actually the 1914 built – Surf, very similar in looks to My Girl.
Jason sent in the bottom photo of Surf (nearest camera) taken during the 1926 Auckland Anniversary Day Regatta.
Can anyone supply more details on her & what became of her?

4 thoughts on “Surf

  1. It was around Y2K that I last saw her at Devonport. she looked well cared for, ,, so probably still around, had a 4 cyld ford when I was last on board….


  2. In the late 70s she lived on a swing mooring at Flat Rock upper Tamaki River. She was at that time owned by Clive Curran who later sold her and bought Nga Kiwa..The last time I saw her she was on a swing mooring off Devonport. The cabin had been enlarged with unusual slanting windows..


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