I have been contacted by Rob Watt who is  wondering if any of the woodys may know what happened to his old boat Aquarius.

She was a 27’ kauri built, with pohutukawa stringers. Some thought it was built in 1928 and may be a Logan.

At the time she was powered by a 60hp Isuzu diesel and around her home port of Tauranga harbor, where she was nicknamed the ‘Flying Pencil’. Rob kept Aquarius at the Sulphur Point Marina & sold her some years ago to a couple who were going to use it on Lake Taupo.

Rob told me that his family spent many a happy time on her when his kids were little and made memorable fishing trips out to Mayor Island.

So woodys, can we help Rob out & uncover what became of Aquarius & possibly some insight into who built her etc?


6 thoughts on “Aquarius

  1. All those that aren’t Logans are Lanes, dontcherknow? …except for the ones that are Baileys…………..


  2. Seems he world is full of AQUARIUSES!! McGeady obviously did no have a monopoly


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