Scripps III > Defender



Scripps III > Defender

The above photos show Defender (ex Scripps III) pictured on March 30th 1937 at the arrival of the PanAm Sikorsky S42B flying boat arrival from San Francisco.

The photos are from Lew Redwood’s fb page & originated from the camera of Tudor Collins.

Defender at the time was owned by E H Chamberlin. She has appeared on WW before in an older photo, before the addition of the dog-house – link below

Do we know what happened to her?

8 thoughts on “Scripps III > Defender

  1. I think it’s because Nathan, Jason and I were batting these pics around between us some time ago and settled on the facts as you’ve recited them. I then posted them on Lew’s blog when they emerged a couple of days ago. So it’s all a bit circuitous (and fortuitous).


  2. In case you get a torpedo from Ponui, it’s CHAMBERLIN not Chamberlain.
    OOPS – corrected. AH


  3. I have copies of these images, but the vessel name was unknown. Delighted to now discover her name(s) — KEN R


  4. Been done before! Unless just in my head…… That series of photos: Scripps, Then these photos, then westhaven 50’s with tram top, then Whangaroa ’77 with pink sides and square portholes, then today with block of flats in KK river

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