Rover – Bailey & Lowe Launch

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.15.40 pm

Bailey & Lowe Launch

Now this one may have appeared on WW b4 but I cannot find it, so fingers crossed it’s a newbie.

According to the trademe listing – she was built by Bailey & Lowe in 1926, measures 36’8” & is powered by a 4 cylinder 80hp Ford diesel (ex Moon Engines). Current home is Pahia.

Thanks to Ian McDonald for the listing heads up. There are more photos on trademe but they are too small to reproduce on WW.

Can anyone ID the launch & tell us more about her. More photos would be good.

OOPS – Its called Rover 😦

Update – 2013 photos ex Ken R


3 thoughts on “Rover – Bailey & Lowe Launch

  1. I Think this may be the ROVER that was owned for many years & built by Andrew Hamilton’s grandfather, ( Ray Hamilton’s, — ( DALRAY), — father, at Warkworth, on the family farm in Hamiltons Rd.
    Whilst the coamings have been changed I saw a pic of her on the wall in Andrew’s boatbuilding shed, on the farm, a couple of years or so ago, taken with his grandfather on board, & from recall they looked very similar. The pic I saw, was taken, I think, in the 1930s-40s. — KEN R


  2. Called Rover (original name?) , and yes it has been on Waitemata Woody’s before. She moors at Mack’s Bay / Opua Basin, opposite Tapu Point.


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