Mollie Lyt




Just back from my slide around the upper North Island & down the west coast aboard Trinidad to Picton. Amazing trip, I will do a separate story on the trip soon. 

While berthed in – Waikawa Bay marina, Picton, I spotted Mollie Lyt – If she had, had a 4sale sign on her, she would be sold now. 

A perfect work boat conversation (I suspect?) that sticks all my boxes + a wood stove & a great name. So many nice touches, just needs a little TLC. 

Any Southern – able to tell us more about her ?

Mahurangi Regatta

Just waiting on my spotters to send me photos & we will have some coverage. I hear the Launch Parade was down on numbers – if you believe the MCC Year book, 50+ last year & 15’ish this year. For the first time in a long time, I missed the regatta 😦

3 thoughts on “Mollie Lyt

  1. Hi All’ Regarding the Mollie’ I can remember when a Chap by the name of Stumpy Fermiston’ bought the Hull’ from Kaikoura, then transported it home to His address in New Brighton (Christchuch) not sure on the date’ I think around the late 70s if not the early 80s, myself & my Father Johnny Sole’ would frequently pop in to Stumpys to see how the progress was going on the ole Girl, when the Wheel House & cabins were finished, the next stage was the Launch’ which I’m pretty sure was in Lyttelton. She was on a swinging mooring in Cass Bay’ for many years, where on many occasion’ we would go out fishing’ then Stumpy decided to take Her around to Akaroa, where She spent many more a year’ unfortunately Stumpy had ill health’ I can remember the time he said to my Dad’ I’m only going to say this Once’ I’m selling the Mollie’ broke his Heart, He loved that Boat!
    It Great to see Her up in Waikawa.
    Kind regards, Greg Sole.


  2. Including 3 informal entries, there were 24 entries this year in the Launch Parade — I know because I did the commentary — KEN R


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