Merry Christmas



Several weeks ago I came across the above illustration on the website ‘Lastlemon’, the site promotes the work of Lisa Swerling & Ralph Laza – 2 very talented & prolific illustrators. To me the cartoon sums up why I own a wooden boat & why I’m so passionate about the classic boating movement.

My boat is my rock in a life that revolves around endless deadlines & delivering on expectations. I work in a field of business that has benefited hugely from the advent of the digital age & that’s very cool, but the downside is that now days a lot of us are always available, effectively on-call 24/7.

So woodys – grab the opportunity in the next few weeks to turn the mobile off, walk away from the screen & just relax, read a book, walk the dog, be nice to your partner, say hello to a stranger on the beach.

Over the break I’ll be pumping out WW stories when I can, subject to internet access & motivation.

Two parts to the holiday this year – Part1 will see us floating around somewhere on Raindance after Christmas Day & in the early part of the NY, hopefully catching up with friends.  Part2 involves joining Barbara & David Cooke on Trinidad during their circumnavigation of NZ. Myself & Jamie Hudson (Lady Crossley) are doing the Bay of Islands > Picton leg, across the top of NZ & then down the West Coast, so hopefully some good stories from that trip.

Thanks to everyone for all the help with stories & photos throughout the year, without you all, WW would not exist.

Again Merry Christmas & Have a Safe & Fun Break.  Alan Houghton

9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Thanks Alan for the wonderful memories of all those gorgeous Woody’s. And of course in myself and family the passion that goes with the classic wooden boat, and the inane inability to ever part company.


  2. A marvellous original idea this WW but the problem is that it becomes very very addictive…have to have my daily fix like a drug and suffer withdrawl symptoms when out of internet range.Have a safe trip around the top!


  3. Alan, you have the thanks of a generation of New Zealand wooden boat lovers. Nobody has done more than you and this site to spread the joy of old boats in this country…ever. Your blood’s worth bottling!

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  4. Alan, It’s the day to wish you, your wife, & RAINDANCE, A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS, along with the rest of the group of major contributors, like Harold, Russell, Nathan, Geof, & so on, that share so much of their wonderful knowledge, & make your wonderful site what it is, & from which we all learn so much & also of course, I have enjoyed adding my little bit, (& find our where my memory failed me sometime as well sometimes!!), & I want to thank you so much, for making it all possible, & hope it will all continue for many years to come, & we will all be wishing each other very many more Merry Christmases.
    Also I would just like to say, as one who has reached age in life, where my days to be out on my own boat have now passed, that if your are one of the lucky ones still out there, relish & savour every precious second, as eventually, we all know, it will come to an end, for all of us so enjoy it to the hilt. — God Bless you & of course, the readers, one & all. — KEN R


  5. Hi Alan,
    Thank you for the pleasure you have given me with your effort and articles.
    We wish you a very happy and relaxing Christmas and holiday.


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