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Another photo from Dean Wright’s recently scanned collection – this one shows the charter boat Joanne steaming down the Whangaroa Harbour. Dean recalls skippered by Laurie Ross.

Any of the woodys able to shed some more light on her design / builder & where she is today?

Update 17-01-2023 – photo below ex Eric Sanderson, date unknown

4 thoughts on “Joanne

  1. Hi all you woodys. I am the proud owner of Joanne and have been for the last 20 years. As Jeff points out she is currently based at Westpark. She has,as age caught up with the original glues and timber work, undergone significant work over the 20 or so years I have owned her. I have retained all the original lines and she has no plastic attachments! I will send some photos to upload on this site soon. Barry


  2. Hi,
    Don Ross skippered `Joanne’ for William Stevenson for a period out of Whitianga, between Game fishing with `Ngaroma’ and `Miss Lidgard’. Don purchased `Miss Lidgard’ as a whale chaser and Howard Pascoe and Don changed her into the Game fishing boat she became. `Lady Margaret” a very similar Willy Oliver design used to frequent Whitianga in those times.
    As a teenager I remember being inspired by the wonderful lines of `Joanne’ and she was the basis of one of the model boats I built in those year.
    Beautiful boats then and remain so in these more `Plastic’ times.


  3. JOANNE was started in 1962 by Oliver & Gilpin for an owner who died during the build. Sir William Stevenson took her over and owned her for some years.


  4. Hi Joanne was built by willy Oliver and now has a flybridge and is next to Venture at Hobsonville marina on B pier regards Jeff


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