I was sent (in fact 10 times….) the above photo of the launch Parani by Gary Chaplin who is trying to track down the where-abouts of this motor launch.

All Gary knows is that she was originally based in Lyttelton.

Gary commented that Parani was once owned by his bosses (Alan Martin , of Martin Hydrulics. CHCH) father. I have asked Alan for the fathers name – if I get it I will add to the story, in the meantime do we know anything about the launch Parani?


10 thoughts on “Parani

  1. Thank you Ken for your nice comments about the Windsor piece.
    Ken is right, LADY EILEEN’s engines were straight 8 Chryslers. The “Crown” and “Royal” names in respect of Chrysler’s marine engines were fuzzy as they were based on the names used for Chrysler’s car models. But in 1938 you could get a 6 cylinder Chrysler Royal car as well as an 8 cylinder Royal…..more precise nomenclature research needed here. I’ll trawl through my 1939 Rudder magazines.
    Certainly though, in common parlance Crown = a 6 and Royal = an 8.
    Don Hunter told me they were “Royals” and, incidentally, both RH rotation.


  2. At least PALOMA & WINSOME II and probably heaps more lifted from the pages of Rudder magazine etc.


  3. PS “Parani” is Maori for “France” which re-inforces the original ownership by the France brothers.


  4. Not associated with the post, I feel well worth a mention to all fellow woodys.
    If you want a good read, & possibly learn something, (as I did today), read issue 372, (1st August 2017, pages, 120-123 of Boating NZ. There is a really excellent story & great new images, (again for me at least, on the post war (1946-50s) Tim Windsor story, by Harold K– very well done Harold, great article. —
    Just one thing I think the LADY EILEEN’S engines were actually 8 cyl. in line Chrysler Royals not Chrysler Crowns as noted in the article, which were 6 cyl not 8 cyl as far as I have always known. — KEN R


  5. Hello Alan ,

    Have talked to Alan Martin about ” Parani ” his fathers name was Ron Martin and he would have owner her in the early 1940’s


  6. PARANI was built for (and by?) the France brothers and kept at Lyttelton. She was there in 1932 and I would think isn’t much older than that.


  7. Hi Alan,
    Just a small change here , you would think I would have got it right after ten messages . Parani was owned by MY bosses father , not my fathers boss . I will try to get his name today.


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