Do We Know This Boat + Mahurangi Regatta Goes Viral

Price Herald island 4451 Free Lance

Do You Know This Launch?
Have had a request from David Balderston who is publishing a book on ‘ Upper Harbour Ferries’ & would like some help ID’ing the above vessel. David understands it was owned by Ted Price of Herald Island but David would like to put a name to the vessel – can we help?

Mahurangi Regatta Goes Viral

Back in late Jan this year the Mahurangi Regatta had some special visitors from an American boating website named The OCH site is a membership only (i.e. paid) weblog that is based on video content, with over 700 stories on & around wooden boating available to members to view. It is very good – I subscribe.
The latest video is on the Mahurangi Regatta & also profiles Steve Horsley & his Chas Bailey gaffer – Ngatira.
Below is a link to watch the 1:30 preview, the full video is approx. 8:00 minutes in length. Both showcase the event, the vessels & the NZ wooden boating movement very well.

10 thoughts on “Do We Know This Boat + Mahurangi Regatta Goes Viral

  1. Bas Subritzky thought she was IONOTO. But her wheelhouse is too high.
    Ionoto and Ionearo had step through wheel house doors, this vessel has not. This launch has mast abaft wheelhouse whereas the two Ion’s mast was forrard.
    Sorry to put you wrong Dave


  2. Either Ionaero or her sister Ionata. Both owned by Blue Boats and were just some of their workhorses. One was rumoured to have capsized in the harbour.
    There are pictures circulating of them loaded to the beltings with gear so no surprise of a “fall over”


  3. Sorry for the short post Norm S. That boat is nothing like Opaia or Oleo, they were both counter stern for one thing. I have pics of both vessels if A.H. will put them up. The one in the paper cutting is more like the original “Knoxie


  4. Thanks for the heads up Alan.Was so impressed with the OCH site I became a member.Great Mahurangi vid, Steve H and Ngatira were the perfect kiwi ambassadors.


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