Lady VIE



12630825_10154061452792176_1013180002_o (1)

Lady VIE

The above photos were sent in by Nathan Herbert, along with the questions – who is she & who built her – not often that Nathan draws a blank so keen to ID this launch & learn something about her past.

Once again Auckland was spared the worst of the weather predicted from ‘Cyclone’ Cook, there are some +’s to the high rates we pay. Must be time to go boating………. well maybe soon.

Update – Thanks to Ken Ricketts sending in the below photos (c.1939) from the Tudor Collins collection (Auckland Museum) we now know the boat is the Lady VI, so now woodys – who built her & where is she today?


10 thoughts on “Lady VIE

  1. Panam used her to clear the landing area. She had an overhaul at W.G. Lowe & Son earlier, in May 1939 (as LADY VIE).


  2. The steam launch is the Presto, converted to diesel sometime in the 1950’s, and last I heard was owned by Barry Bricknell.


  3. Seems that she was Lady Vi, belonged to Pan Am. Earlier names unknown. Anyone else spot Raindance in one pic?


  4. I did not just read the name on the lifebuoy which in the image on my computer, is very clear, when viewed & enlarged on “paint,” & easily readable, it was on the original image, as produced by Tudor Collins. — KEN R


  5. Since she was in the images I have being used to service what looks like a Pan Am aircraft, she may alternatively have been used or owned, by Pan Am. — KEN R


  6. She is the LADY VI owned or used by T.E.A.L. in later 30s or 40 — I have pics of her at that time — KEN R
    Added. AH


  7. Theres also a photo of he earlier on in Mechanic’s Bay as a flushdecker just with that small square dodger..


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