Mystery Launch 04-03-17

Esme (Mystery Launch)

Nathan Herbert has sent in another image from the camera of photographer, G. Riethmaier. The location should be relatively easy – launch in the foreground, maybe not so easy ? 🙂
What say the woodys?

The answer is – she is Esme – details here

Urgent Help Needed On A Boys P-Class Restoration

Woody Dan Renall is working on the ultimate birthday present for his 5 yr old son, George, a P-Class yacht. But time is not his friend – read below.

“Does anybody have a P Class tiller kicking around that I can use as a template. The project is in its final stages but I’m missing a tiller and the rudder is beyond repair.

I’m running out of time so better yet…does anybody have a rudder / tiller for sale or know where I could buy one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dan”

ps Pretty cool playground chat on day one of school – “want to see my yacht” 🙂


8 thoughts on “Esme

  1. Whangarei harbour boat is Kotara 2 belonged to Cliff, damm I should know he gave me his Rolls Royce to look after for two years while he did a world tour after his retirement


  2. I can also see a small Sam Ford of the same ilk as the Beachaven Avalon, and what could be Leitner far background with dark hull


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