The History of MV Jocelyn



Today’s ww story was put together by Hamish Moore, a great grandson of Sir William Stevenson, the original owner of Jocelyn. Hamish would love to hear from anyone who has spent time on the vessel and or may know more about her and/or some of Sir Williams other vessels. Photos would be fantastic, of particular interest would be any photos of  Jocelyn in her fishing guise. Hamish has heard she had a lovely set of wooden outriggers & can recall as young fella sitting in the crows nest at times.
You can email details & photos to me at & we will share them with everyone & also forward to Hamish. Enjoy the article its a good read 🙂





3 thoughts on “The History of MV Jocelyn

  1. Good Evening Baden,
    Thanks for that. I will chat with Bill S and see if he recalls Gerry.
    I tried to have a look for Wirihana on WW I might not know what I’m looking for thou.
    Im sure theres a few stories tucked away on the ‘Jocelyn’ be good to catch up for coffee when you have some time.



  2. Her designer is Auckland Based Gerry Breakveldt who is now a tad over 90. Gerry designed the Owanga class fishing boats, all the JBL trawlers. His largest design in NZ is Tangaroa the NIWA ship. Just the add he is a life member of The Royal Insitute of Navel Architechts.
    I did about 3 trips with Alf & Norm on Jocelyn.
    From memory he out riggers were man by my father Howard Pascoe. Most of his dinghies
    We’re built by my father as well. Look on
    Wirihana (Chris Mc Mullen) and you will see the same type.
    Lovely ship Hamish!


  3. Always one of my most of my most favourite boats of all time — She is stunning & timeless in her beauty, & will remain beautiful forever, if she is maintained as she is in the photo above. Surely a Brin Wilson classic masterpiece.

    Hamish, I have some images I have taken comparatively recently, of ANNA MARIE. If you like to send me your email address, I will send them to you. My email address is; — KEN R


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