The above photos of Annie were taken by Ken Ricketts in Jan 2015 & show Annie entering Gulf Harbour marina. She looks like she might have been a work boat in another life, currently set up for some serious blue water cruising.

Any woodys able to enlighten us on her past & current location?

5 thoughts on “Annie

  1. She was on the hard at Orams back in October when I was hauled out. She had some major corrosion problems (no zinc anodes fitted or replaced during an extended stay in the water). I spoke to the boat builder working on her and he said she required a lot of work. Could be a great cruiser but has not been well looked after and steel is more unforgiving than wood in that situation.


  2. Does anyone recall her being used in a TV add whilst on a hardstand somewhere, around the time of the refit? — KEN R


  3. Annie was built late 80s as a custom cruiser based around the Chesapeake bay oyster boats. She is steel, 8mm corten withe interior fitout in t and g kauri recycled from the old Bean Rock lighthouse piles. She is Ford powered 120HP from memory. I did a significant refit on her in 1995 at Orams Marine and she is back in the same yard now pending some more work.


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