I took the above photos of Kahu moored in Maitiatia, Waiheke Island over the 2015/2016 Xmas cruise period. I put my hand up & say I know nothing about her. She does look a very sea worthy vessel, possibly having ex commercial origins. Can anyone enlighten us on her pedigree & past? I’m assuming she is a woody ?

p.s. hopefully one day a kayak manufacturer will take to market a plain royal blue or taupe coloured kayak. I have seen some horror examples e.g. a bright pink one lashed proudly atop a wonderfully restored classic launch………………………. 😦

I will have some great stories to share over the next few days – have a boat re-launch on Saturday & have just been sent a wonderful story & photos by Janet Watkins (nee Pickmere, the daughter of AH Pickmere) of the families 1923 summer cruise aboard their launch the 32′ KiaKoa, a 1906 Bailey & Lowe double ender. They were accompanied on the cruise by Alberta, the 1913 flushdecker built by H.N. Burgess.

24-02-2018 – Spotted Kahu anchored at Motiuhe Island today.


7 thoughts on “Kahu

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  2. Kahu was in Picton in the sixties and seventies.
    Believed to be built in the Nelson area. possibly Pearson of Golden Bay


  3. I think Geoff is on the right track. Her sheer looks line looks like Gay Dolphin built by Ken Turner of Coro.


  4. Something about the fore end suggests to me Strongman of Coromandel. As far as kayaks go,I think they should be some high vis colour so they stand out to be seen. Ferry skippers don’t like them all that much, very hard to see them at times.


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