Mirella – bugger!


Mirella – bugger!

Now I do not like to make fun of someone else’s misfortune but the above & below photos ex the Auckland Museum, Tudor Collins collection & emailed to me by Ken Ricketts was taken a long time ago – so woodys today we will have a little competition –  I’ll give a waitematawoodys tote bag (see below) to the woody that comes up with the best caption 🙂

The photo file gave the location as Gart Island, but that draws a blank with me – can anyone help here, the vessel is listed as being ‘Jewack‘. Since ID’ed as Mirella .

Entries close 12pm 19-08-2016. You can enter as many times as you like, the judge will be Nathan Herbert – why? because he already has a ww tote bag 😉


Input from Harold Kidd  – the vessel is MIRELLA (photo ex Paperspast ex NZ Herald 27 May 1932)

VALUABLE AUCKLAND FISHING LAUNCH SUNK AFTER STRIKING A SUBMERGED ROCK. Owned by Mr. J. Wilson, of Auckland, this 32ft. launch Mirella sank afte% striking a rock off Goat Island, near Cape Rodney, on Tuesday evening. The three members of the crew made their escape in the dinghy. Little hope of salvaging the craft is entertained.

Mirella sinking off Goat Island


37 thoughts on “Mirella – bugger!

  1. Traditional saying appears to fit the bill “ Moments like this you need Mintees “

    Kind thoughts ,

    Wayne Mason


  2. I think “keep pumping dear I think she’s lifting” takes it for me — & great to know the answers to her riddle , thanks to HDK. — Wonder where Tudor C. got “JEWACK” from? — KEN R


  3. My suggested comment…”Come a bit further aft, Joe,…she’s trimming a bit by the bow.”
    or…”Keep pumping dear, ..I think she’s beginning to lift.”


  4. BOAT FOR SALE …..slight leak in stern gland and comes complete with mud berth…………


  5. The great thing about tram tops, is I may catch another tram for a ride home!

    Anyone seen the Missus?


  6. As long as no one takes a photo the wife will never know…
    If I can just reach the bilge pump switch, I can still save her…


  7. Motutap in the background? Tudor used to frame his shots so well. Probably either moved the island or the wreck to get the shot just right.
    I reckon she snuck out of Issy Bay with the crew still a bit oiled from the night before and neither thinking nor seeing straight. Hugged Emu Pt a bit tight and did some impact hydrography on Emu Rock. Moral: Never go full astern without checking the damage first. Then, if you can control the flood, go like hell. The man standing on the poor old thing is a tad too dry to have been involved and is just a poser IMHO.
    BTW The Meola did the same thing with an h’officer in command -see her listing, I am sure I posted some pix a year or so back. She made it into shore but went under.


  8. Dam Marlin and their aggressive behaviour

    That’s the second time I’ve forgotten to put the bungs in

    Now I know why they said not to leave her out of the water too long

    Bloody kids



  9. Dramatic story attached to this one with all details, except actual name of boat, unless I eventually worked that ond out too.


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