4 thoughts on “Max Carter Passes Away

  1. Thanks for the memories Max and the words of wisdom over the years. We did have some good times and together we brainstormed and met more than a few challenges that came our way within the boatbuilding industry.


  2. To me, he was a much more than just a boat builder and designer, he was was grandad who stepped in and became my father. I’ll forever miss and cherish the lessons Max taught me. And I’ll endeavour to instill what he gave me to his great grandson. Sleep well grandad. See you on the other side.

    Lance Carter, silke, and young Maxx.


  3. Nice words Alan. To me, Max was a man who could understand both traditional design and yet think well outside the square when it came to innovation with more modern boating concepts.
    Hope he meets up with his old friend Ernie Harvey while he is up there.


  4. Thanks for the notification of Max Carter’s passing, Alan.

    He was a major influence on New Zealand’s boatbuilding industry…..



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