Kenya > Mataroa


Kenya > Mataroa
Its not a mystery post as I know the boats name, the photo was taken by Tudor (Washington) Collins, 1898-1970, a well known marine photographer.
Any woodys brave enough to put a name, or names (there’s a hint) to the launch?

Further to the comments on yesterdays post re Coulthard boats, Rosemary Robinson(granddaughter) has sent me more photos from the family album. When a get a moment I will post.

On a sad note – the 63 year old missing sailor lost overboard from the yacht Platino, north of New Zealand was my neibour at Bayswater Marina, his yacht being moored next to Raindance. Steve* was a larger than life guy but one of the friendliest & kindest boaties I had the pleasure to know. He always offered a hand when I had that ‘I need help’ look. He had great taste in classic cars & I will miss his friendly face & voice on the marina. *I’m not sure if his name has been made public yet

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