Hinemoa – Sailing Sunday

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.05.42 am

HINEMOA – Sailing Sunday
photos ex Ron Wattam

The top photo I think is of Hinemoa A1, any of the woods able to confirm & fill in the gaps on her design / built / age etc ?
The photo below shows ‘Little’ Thelma (K3), A17? & A8? – must have been a close race.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 8.07.55 am

I was sent the youtube link to the this very funny video of ex Australian PM Bob Hawke telling a joke at an America’s Cup lunch.

7 thoughts on “Hinemoa – Sailing Sunday

  1. She has had the same owners for some years now – was cruising with us in Whangaroa early last year, had a number of shorter term owners in the eighties -early nineties. Felix Tattersfield for a while then a gentleman who wished to go offshore and luckily was persuaded that she was not ideal, unfortunately he bought Queen Charlotte and headed off into a well forecast Tasman storm never to be seen again. John Gorter had her for a while too before Iorangi.


  2. Hinemoa had a interesting main cabin which slept 4, the main squab backs swung up and were held up by straps from the coach roof!
    In 1957 Hinemoa was purchased by Jack White and Des Ormsby and was raced under the RNZYS flag in the second division for the next 10 years. There was fierce competition from Prize. Little Jim, Ngatiringa, and Tuahine . During this time Hinemoa won the Second Division on one occasion.
    Hinemoa was sold to Peter and John Wakeman 1968.


  3. It was Paul’s uncle who was mayor of Devonport. Jonas sold her to Norm Galbraith (later owner of TARA) in about 1955.
    A8 is VICTORY which was marconi when HINEMOA was launched in 1948 and THELMA in 1950. So not A8. The image is too murky to zero in on the sail number.


  4. One of the owners was a bloke called Titchener, father of Paul Titchener (Spelling?) who was sometime mayor of Takapuna and a writer for the late (un)lamented magazine “NZ Marine Scene” on matters of nautical history. Last I heard of him her was living down Pauanui way. If he’s still about he could give us more (1st hand) history of Hinemoa.
    Eric Cox was an influential but largely unsung hero of NZ yacht design


  5. Designed by H E Cox 1946, built by Percy Vos to frame stage and completed by Lidgards in 1948. Original owner A Jonas had planned a trip to Norfolk Island and later a Tasman crossing so she was built more heavily both in hull construction and sailing rig. Thus compared to other gulf yachts of her period she needed a bit of blow to get her going. 45foot LOA x 32 LWL x 9 beam x 6 foot draft. She has had periods of times over the years where she has been loved but probably longer periods of time looked after rather poorly and her sale price has corrspondenly reflected this. In 1994 she was for sale for $67,000 where she was listed as having 4-6 berths but in publications by SeaSpray 1952 and Glory of Sail 1954 both stated she had two more berths forward of the forward cabin under the forepeak.


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