Advice Wanted – Canvas Work


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Advice Wanted – Canvas Work
I get a lot of requests from people looking for good trades people. Just recently I have had several asking about companies that make/repair boat canvas / clears.
So woodys who out there is doing good work at fair rates?
Reply in the comments section or if you prefer email me.

UPDATE 11-04-2016 I received a great e-mail from Frank Warnock – given all his good deeds, I have posted it below.

Hi Alan, need a Sailmaker, Marine Trimmer or Upholsterer? Stop looking for I am your man. Here is my CV
1 I am a CYA member and my yacht Offshore is in the year book.
2 I make all the launch numbers for the CYA, ask Joyce.
3 I am the official flag maker to the Squadron (and also a member) for divisional and race management flags, ask Georgia.
4 I made the sails and all the covers for Rainbow, ask the owners.
5 I made and donated all the squabs for Gypsy.
6 I am making a new set of squabs for Stevo Cranch and Rainbird to go with the cover I made for him.
7 Although Offshore is a faster yacht than Paramour I still do Bruce Tantrum’s work.
It’s my Birthday tomorrow and I’ll be 82 so I am past crawling around boats fitting covers but I can do repairs, restitching and replacing clears etc. I have a double garage workshop at my home in Glen Eden and only charge $50.00 per hour for labour except if the customer is a lawyer when I charge $500.00 !!!
My main customer is Burnsco Marine who I make Safety equipment like Harnesses and tethers plus Rope tail bags, bosun’s chairs, Kevlar gear bags, canvas buckets etc. It is all nice easy work and keeps me off the street plus it helps pay the costs of owning a modern classic yacht which is “bloody expensive” as you no doubt know.
I served my apprentiship with Sails and Covers Ltd. In Fort Street then owned Shoresails Ltd for 36 years before retiring. Janet and I were away cruising in Offshore for January and February and had eight days away at Easter and we hope to get a couple more weekends away before winter arrives. We average about 20 hours a week working.
My contact details are Frank Warnock, 97 Rosier Road Glen Eden. Phone 8181131 or 0274 739 303 e mail address as above and I would love to be of more assistance to CYA members.
8 I almost forgot to say that I am a good looking guy.!

4 thoughts on “Advice Wanted – Canvas Work

  1. For the DIY enthusiasts; we ( my partner Willemenja) replaced the clears on OKAREKA recently by purchasing the clear film from Bunnings and “borrowing” the use of Col The Cobbler”s industrial sewing machine. The trick is to leave the existing clear in place to keep the original shape, stitch in the new one on the other side, then cut away the remnants of the old clear. Total cost of around $20 ( and a bottle of refreshment for Col). The plastic film is very slippery so it helps to tape it down or use bias binding.


  2. Hi Alan, We have just had a new rear canvas cover made for our lovely MARGUERITE complete with aluminum track runner across the rear of the Stern Galley roof, sides, rear flap and roll up, zips and all fittings renewed, fitted with additional strengthening s/s struts to the old S/S frame and all fitted with shock cords on a roll up rear flap down on to the transom and it was a first class job and came in well under estimates. It is the last item in the Marguerite two year restoration project. She is finally finished. (will send photos) Job was done by Mercury Bay Canvas and Upholstery , Bryce ? phone 027 227 7895 price included measuring up, making and fitting,

    A first class job and a first class worker, old school, no R.S.& Bust.

    Jan and Murray Whangaparapara Great Barrier Island 09 429 0337


  3. We used Colin at Coastal Marine Upholsterers from Stillwater (they service all Auckland Marinas) Phone 09 426 6817. They replaced the canopy on NGARO almost two years ago. Good workmanship at what we thought was a fair price.


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