A Salty Little Place – Port Motueka



A Salty Little Place – Port Motueka
photos ex Daniel Renall

Dan, owner of the very beautiful & slippery classic yacht Jonquil* sent in the above gallery of photos from his recent trip south. They showcase a collection of the classic craft moored at the Port Motueka marina. As I jokingly commented to Dan, if you owned the varnish franchise for the area you would go broke very quickly 🙂
Some have been featured on ww before but if a southern woody is looking in on ww today, it would be nice to ID some of the vessels.

* check out Dan’s recent re-fit of Jonquil http://classicyacht.org.nz/cyaforum/topic/jonquil-winter-work-2015/

Remember to drop into ww on Sunday, I have a great post on the history behind the Okura gigs. A great read & lots of photos.

St Ayles Skiffs

You may recall a few weeks ago that ww featured the recent Raid NZ that took place in & around the greater Auckland area. The event featured the increasing popular St Ayles rowing skiffs. One of the international rowers was Murdo Macleod – click the link below to see Murdo’s photo essay of the event. You will quickly discover that Murdo is a professional photographer. This essay appeared in the UK newspaper/online ‘The Guardian’, some great coverage for the event & NZ.

Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 5.33.44 AM


9 thoughts on “A Salty Little Place – Port Motueka

  1. I hope Dawn Lady finds a sympathetic new owner. She deservers it, as does Turmoil. I have had TYPEE a 33 ft Baxter boat (Carey) for the last 23 years so am committed. I recall Turmoil from the 60,s as a mate and I were keen on buying her. However I was in my 20s then and in my 70s now. Google TYPEE fishing and check out my darling.


  2. Turmoil was in Motueka also but was sold about 18mths ago and trucked down to Te Anau (I think). Great to see a photo of Dawn Lady on here, I have owned her for the past 4 years, but now have made the difficult decision to sell her. hopefully she will go to someone who will continue to love her as much as her previous ‘caretakers’ have done.


  3. Turmoil was sold a about 18mths ago and I understand she was trucked down to Te Anau. I was quite chuffed to stumble across this excellent website and see Dawn Lady on it. It is with mixed feelings that I put her up for sale, but am hopeful that someone will be able to take her over and carry on as ‘caretaker’ for her.


  4. The yacht in the last photo is the Athol Burns designed “Renaissance” built in 1987 and previously on the Tamaki estuary until a year or two ago.

    The Athol Burns motorsailer in the third photo from the bottom is the 25ft “Dawn Lady” which I owned in Auckland from 2006-2007. She was built c.1970 and is now owned by Ross Bailey of Motueka (currently for sale).

    The larger of the two classic launches in the fourth photo from the top (Screenshot 2016-02-27) is the 26ft “Shantelle”, built by Deemings in the 1950’s. She was owned by our family in Havelock from 1979-1980 and we purchased her in Auckland from Flap Martinengo. She was previously owned in the 1970’s by the Sefton/Pollard families.


  5. Hi Alan

    I see one of the boat sheds on Ngapipi Road has just come on the market.

    It looks like it comes with a free woody – Silver Spirit. I had a look on WW and see Silver Spirit was very much a local of Hobson Bay and was housed in one of these sheds…..perhaps it is the same shed all these years.

    I thought you may find this of interest:


    I love you blogs and daily pictures. My ambition is to get an old woody for tinkering and maybe restoration, but a big wooden villa stands in the way at the moment. So it might still be 4 or 5 years away.

    Cheers Gerard Murphy


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