North Star

photo & details ex Ray Morey

Ray sent me the above photo of North Star which was built in the 1950’s for an uncle of Ray’s wife, Joe Harris of Pahia. She was kept on a pile mooring at the Waitangi River for many years.
Ray recalls that North Star was the subject of discussion on the CYA website a year or more back (I have been unable to find the discussion, but the sites search mode is a tad lacking), I thought also that she had appeared on www but again can not find any reference.

Ray is keen to learn more about the vessel, he says that he always believed that she was built by Brian Lane at Totara North – can any of the woodys shed some light on her past & where she is today?

4 thoughts on “North Star

  1. hi Shane
    The Edwards are close family friends of our family and this was the boat i was snorkelling off on the outer side of Piercy Island with my sister when we both saw a huge marlin cut a trevally in half about 35 years ago. a rare treat. Happy memories. Craig Edwards still lives at Puketona Junction if you want more info.
    Diana Davis


  2. Thank you Shane, once again family history is proven to be skewed.Uncle Joe probably just had the use of her.
    I did find her name in the Woollacott register, designed by John? Woollacott but no dimensions listed.


  3. Hi, I have owned North Star For the last 20 years. She is a Wollacott design, She was built by John Gladden (I believed it was in the BOI but am happy to be corrected.)in 1948. Length 38feet Beam 11.6feet. powered for the last 35 years by a 6cyl ford.
    My connection with her dates back to the early 1980s when I worked with the previous owner in the BOI. I purchased her off Keith & Maureen Edwards who told me Keith’s dad had her built for himself.
    I have moved around the country with her quite a bit including 6 years in the Wellington/Marlborough sounds. I brought her back to Auckland about 5 years ago and she is currently undergoing a major refit. Hopefully re-launching mid 2016.
    Any early photos or history would be much appreciated


  4. Re North Star. I have owned her for the last 20 years. I purchased her off Keith Edwards who told me his father had her built. As far as I know she spent the first 47 years of her life in the bay of islands and was moored in the Waitangi river. She is a Wollacott design, launched in 1948 and was apparently built by John Gladden. I believed in the bay of islands but am happy to be corrected on that.
    North Star is currently undergoing a major refit and will hopefully be re-launched Mid 2016.
    She has had many homes since I purchased her including 6 years in Wellington/Marlborough sounds. The photograph featured was taken on her return to Auckland about 4-5 years ago..
    She is 38 feet long 11.6 feet beam and has had a 6 cylinder ford for the last 35 years or so.
    Keith and I worked for the same company in the early/mid eighties and he loaned North Star to me for my honeymoon in the BOI 25years ago.


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