Quay St. Launch Landings

Quay St Launch Landings
photo ex Lindsay McMorran

According to the caption on the above photo – the photos shows the recently completed ‘Fine Launch Landings’ in Quay St. on Auckland’s waterfront.

How many of the launches (L>R) can we name?

Slipped away yesterday for a trip up the upper harbour to the Riverhead Hotel for lunch with some good mates. Zero boats, we like that, just lots of people in silly costumes 🙂

6 thoughts on “Quay St. Launch Landings

  1. Nathan is right. That was an epic stumble. The nearest launch ain’t MAVIS B. I focussed on that funnel, but, as he says, she’s too short and the port arrangement is wrong.
    So, what in Hades is she? There were no other little steamers of this configuration in Auckland, so why the funnel…a good idea for a dry exhaust perhaps? If so I can’t find a mention of it in the literature. So I’ll have to go through every image I have to find out which one she was (sans smokestack) and then try to establish why she’s sporting this funnel on this occasion.
    In the very small time I’ve had in a busy day doing other stuff I’ve established that the Harbour Board’s Quay Street Launch Landing was started in late 1914 but wasn’t actually completed until the winter of 1916 because of the war and principally because the Gallipoli campaign dominated the country’s economy, workforce and priorities. A lot of launches were still hauled out when this event took place (including MAVIS B!)
    So, incredible fail on my part!
    BTW the launch I thought might be UENUKU wasn’t either!!
    So, allowing myself a little time over Christmas to do some boating, I’ll treat this intriguing image as a project and produce some less knee-jerk answers by the New Year. Hopefully, however, other WW followers will beat me to it!


  2. What a scream! I’ll check out some starboard side early pics tonight. If she’s not MAVIS B then some wag has mounted a yellow dummy funnel on a very similar launch!


  3. No, there was only one. October 1910 Jas Reid SEABIRD flushdeck steamer, yellow funnel, schooner rig. She later became a bridgedecker and is now in Nelson as a “1963 Lanes”. But that’s all been on WW before before before…..


  4. Well MAVIS B is nearest the camera. The rest will take a little longer but I think I see UENUKU and KARORO.


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