Pal O’ Mine

photo ex Scott Taylor ex Historic Auckland, details ex Harold Kidd

Today’s post is a little piece of eye candy for Jason Prew & Nathan Herbert with the hope that it will speed up work on their projects – ‘My Girl’ & ‘Lucinda’. The launch (#72) above is Pal O’ Mine, built by the Tercel Bros in 1924, a hard chine design probably lifted from Rudder/Motor Boating magazine e.g William Hand. Powered by a 125bhp engine she certainly had some zoom zoom.

Do we know what became of her?

Photo below ex Jason Prew of Pal O’ Mine warming up before an Auckland Anniversary Regatta race. Jason’s launch My Girl seen the background.

9 thoughts on “Pal O’ Mine

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  2. My maternal grandfather was one of the Tercel Brothers. Mum remembers Pal being wrecked in a storm on the rocks just outside OBC on the waterfront.


  3. If Nathan puts a big petrol in and uses the fuel tank to hold the ash tray as the boys did in those days he could well end up with Loose cinder !!


  4. Very fast boat! Tercel boat pre- Ranger. Quite flat bottomed like a fizz boat, with an aero engine I think. Broke up when she came ashore. Harold will provide details I’m sure


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