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There have been some amazing classic launch buys on trademe recently, all with no reserve, today’s ww post is a 30′ kauri carvel planked launch named Tiger, currently located in Hamilton, The listing claims she is a 1937 Collings & Bell. Now Harold Kidd has no record of a C&B named Tiger but says there was a Waikato speedboat called Tiger in the 1930s, not this boat of course, but possibly the same owner. She is powered with a 90hp engine, the make or condition is not mentioned in the listing.
Harold would have put her date of build at c1925 and her builder not C&B which were usually square-bilge.

Anyone able to supply more info on her?

If your interested, bidding closes at 8.44pm 16-09-2015.

UPDATE : My ww spy in the Waikato (Bruce Pullan – MV Ann Michelle ) visited Tiger today, photos below. Bruce reports good headroom (<6′) in the cabin. So come on guys, someone has to buy her, the bits alone are worth 10x the bidding 😉

On the move

8 thoughts on “Tiger

  1. Hi,
    I have purchased this boat and am having here moved to Okere Falls, Rotorua, where, hopefully she will soon be restored and in the water.
    I would be happy to hear any information anyone can give on her history.
    Thank you.
    Malcolm McNicol


  2. Ahoy

    This boat ‘Tiger’ sold last week at auction for a mere $6. Somewhat strangely it was put back on the market soon after. I wonder why the winner did not proceed with their $6 bid. Did they have no intention of buying it? Or perhaps they found out what it would cost to crane/transport a 30ftr from its current site.




  3. This was on the Hard Stand at Half Moon Bay 7-8 years ago for quite some time and was eventually sold by them to defray costs.. It was known as Tiger at that time also .It was on a mooring at Little Bucklands beach just prior to being pulled out.


  4. Just curious. With all these muddied waters regarding various boats claimed builders, is there anything like rudder construction, or deck framing construction that could be a dead giveaway for certain yards?


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