photos & details ex Nick Voerman

The photos of Maria were sent in by her new owner Nick Voerman, Nick until recently owned Rosemary M. In Nicks words his last project ‘needs lots of love’, I think that an understatement but Nick has a track record of bring these old ladies back to their finery so fingers crossed. Nick has built a model of Maria which I’m sure will be his inspiration for the restoration project. Below are examples of 2 other models Nick has done, one on the 1915 Lanes – Rosemary M & one on the 1923 Bailey & Lowe – Rotomahana

Nick believes Maria (nick named tuk tuk) may have spent time at Kawau Island & possibly moored off Devonport, can anyone add to what Nick / ww knows about her? She is 21′ long & powered by an air-cooled 2 cylinder Lister engine (that will get Baden Pascoe fizzing)

11-03-2016 photos ex Nick Voerman

Hows this for a transformation – all finished & re-launched & looking very smart 🙂

Maria Re-launched b

Maria Re-launched a

16 thoughts on “Maria

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  2. Has Maria been used since re- launch? Parts are staring to fall off her now, and by the looks all of the belting screws are steel and completely rusted among other things. She would make a great Lake boat that some of us would use!


  3. Thanks for the info Aaron fits in with what Andrew told me ,apparently he bought it from a chap in Kiwi ave,st,trying to locate as he possibly has original mast ?thanks nick😀


  4. Yes she has been on the slipway at DYC, and at that stage was owned by Steve Hansen. He painted her in the union colours, and was named maria after his wife. She was originally on moorings in Torpedo Bay, then moved to Ngataringa Bay as you note. I believe Steve sold her to gent from Devonport who lived in Mozely Ave, and now tends the Polly Barrett (??) Glade in Ngataringa Bay.


  5. Regarding Maria or Toot as we used to call her.My Dad owned her for around 10 years from 2003,bought her from Steve Hansen who found the launch on Kawau Island,apparently a contractor on the island used her for wharf repair work,towing a pontoon,trips to the mainland and so on.during our time with her was kept on a mooring in Ngataringa Bay.Steve Hansen reckoned she had been a work boat with the Union Company so chose those colours. i remember the old Lister was something like 12 or 16 horsepower,easy to start and used very little fuel but was noisy and fumed a bit,we reckoned you needed ear muffs and a respirator to go to sea in it.very reliable though,took us 8 hours from the moorings to Mansion House running without stopping!Nick,feel free to get in touch with us for more info regards


  6. She looks as if she was built by a good builder some time between 1912 and 1930, say. One 21ft candidate is SHAMROCK (II) built by Collings & Bell in 1923 for F.W. Jeffers. Goodness knows how many name changes she’s had since she was built though. Pretty little launches like this were used as lines boats for docking ships, towing log rafts to the mills in the harbour, towing scows into tricky inlets etc and there were many of them.
    I see that she was wearing Union Steam Ship Co colours which may mean someone knew she’d spent some time as a lines boat.


  7. Thanks for the post,nick,await all your posts best site but may be I am biased.

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  8. Single or double skin? We have a great time trailing the 21ft Logan Otira and doing all the creeks and upper harbours.


  9. Oh she’ll be a fine shipmate, Nick. Air cooled Listers can be hot and noisy though. A little marinised Ford 10 or Morrie 8 (Vedette) -if you can get, would make her a lovely quiet honey. For ghosting out to a day’s fishing out by the Lighthouse on a cool misty morning. Or maybe just pottering round on the upper reaches of the harbour.


  10. In recent years, I can recall seeing her on the slip at Devonport; I think she used to moor in that creek off SE Ngataringa bay below Ngataringa Rd opposite the Navy playing area. Was she owned by a a lady who worked at Devonport Yacht Club? Sorry a lot of I thinks and other easyouts-if-I’m-wrong, but she -the boat- appealed to me but she was always a quick glimpse out of the corner of the eye driving on Lake Road so id was not certain.


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