photo ex Ken Ricketts. Details ex Harold Kidd

Today’s post is of the sedan top launch Cherokee. The photo above was taken by KR c.1972.

CHEROKEE was built for J. W. Farrell in 1958 and, according to Bo Farrell, was a 34 footer. She had a 100hp Gray engine.

Interested in more info on her past & whereabouts today.

A lot of chat on Cherokee & possible sister ships in the ww Comments section.

19 thoughts on “Cherokee

  1. My father was Hugh (Punch) Lees and he and his brother, Rowley Lees bought the MISTRAL in 1963 as you have said. We were a family of nine (seven children) and I remember as a child sleeping on the floor of the MISTRAL between the side berth and the engine cover. It was sold in the earlier seventies to purchase a larger boat, MISTRAL II (formerly the ANTOINETTE), which is still in the family. When my father and uncle purchased the MISTRAL, the outside deck was widened and the railing extended to the stern (for the safety of young children). I assume the MISTRAL still has this railing. I will look at submitting an old family photograph I have. I am interested in any additional information or photographs you or anyone else might have. Rob Lees, Tauranga.


  2. As stated above, herewith sales info., on MISTRAL, which will speak for itself, & she was obviously built as MISTRAL for Roy Parris as his own boat, according to Brian Worthington & his company’s sales info, & therefore confirms my belief, that INVADER was also built as INVADER & therefore there are in fact 4 almost Identical boats with CHEROKEE the smallest & PLEASURE LADY making up the 4.
    Herewith the info;
    Vessel Type: Monohull Registered Ship: No
    Power or Sail: Power Cockpit loc Aft
    Launched: 1956 S/D Cockpit: No
    Designer: Roy Parris Launch Config: Sedan
    Keel Type:
    Hull Colour: White
    Deck Colour: Cream
    Roy Parris displacement launch, built by Parris 1956 – was his own boat. Carvel Kauri construction, powered by 135hp Ford, delivering 8.5 knots cruise. 5’10” headroom with 3 double and 4 single berths. Electronics include VHF, autopilot, GPS, chart plotter, depth sounder, fish finder and stereo. Well loved by current owner and in exceptionally good condition.
    Priced for quick sale.
    Builder: Roy Parris
    Hull Material: Timber Displacement(kg):
    Hull construction: Single Skin Kauri LOA(m):10.3 LOH(m):9.5
    Deck construction: GOP Beam(m): 3.2
    Built to SSM: No Draft(m):
    KEN R


  3. As above, I have always maintained CHEROKEE was 28 feet long.
    My friend Brian Worthington has tonight sent me the following info., from their sales files on Cherokee, which includes her length at 9 .1 mtrs., also have clarifying data on MISTRAL, which I will post under spate comment. Can’t say how pleased I am that CHEROKEE really is 28 feet, as I have always known.
    herewith sales data;
    Vessel Type: Monohull Registered Ship:
    Power or Sail: Power Cockpit loc
    Launched: 1953 S/D Cockpit: No
    Designer: Roy Parris Launch Config: Flybridge
    Keel Type:
    Hull Colour: White
    Deck Colour:
    This classic 1950’s carvel planked Kauri hull still has many years ahead of her. Powered with 120hp Ford delivering 8 – 13 knots. Step in through transom to aft galley then forward through door to main saloon with modern upholstery and quality varnished linings and motor cover. Further forward to double berth and head to port, 6ft headroom. Flybridge access via side ladder. Electronics include VHF, GPS, chart plotter, depth sounder and stereo.
    Builder: Roy Parris
    Hull Material: Timber Displacement(kg):
    Hull construction: Kauri Carvel Plank LOA(m):9.1 LOH(m):
    Deck construction: Timber Beam(m): 0.0
    Built to SSM: No Draft(m): 1.0
    KEN R


  4. Forgot one other identical feature of MISTRAL/CHEROKEE , identical positioning on the cabin top of 2 identical ventilators.
    Finally have just found & sent a Pic., we took c1972, of the owner standing on the stern platform with a substantial shark. Whomever can identify the owner, will naturally identify her history — KEN R


  5. FLYbridge? On WW? It’s FlyING bridge, please, on WW surely? Isn’t this a place for traditional boats made of traditional treewood? “Flybridge” is a brokerism, and a modern American brokerism at that! Tut-tut! For shame! 🙂

    But I’m with Sir HK in detesting “Hearsay History” All too often it gets repeated until people start taking it as fact, and the next thing you know, it’s on Wikipedia as the good oil.


  6. Both boats, as referred to in my previous comment, also have an identical looking sliding window, in the same place, in my pics.
    The INVADER had been built a little bigger than CHEROKEE & the PLEASURE LADY a little longer again. —
    Re Barney Bensky & his MISTRAL, have sent Alan early days, (when Bensky owned her), & present day pics, of her too, — the motor sailer one. KEN R


  7. I have sent Alan images a few minutes ago that I took of CHEROKEE in 1972 & MISTRAL in 2013 & having now studied very carefully, the details of the coamings window shape, size, & position, & compared the position, of the little windscreen on the cabin top on the CHEROKEE pic, with the “flying bridge position on the cabin top of MISTRAL & aligned these appendages, with the position of the adjacent main cabin window, I have discovered they are in the identical position on the cabintop, & also the position of the front end of the belting, which is just forward of the rear round porthole in the flare on both pics, is also in the identical position of the flare, on both images. I have also compared the size & shape of the forward deck which appears exactly the same.
    As a result of all these comparisons, I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt, that they have to be the same boat, therefore notwithstanding Harold’s interpretation of these boats histories, I maintain my position, now supported by the photographic evidence, I have sent Alan, that the INVADER was born the INVADER as I had stated, & it is the CHEROKEE that has had a name change to MISTRAL along the way.
    Perhaps others may like to make their own studies & give their own views should Alan decide to publish my pics. — KEN R

    Photos below. AH


  8. Well, a number of things, firstly, yes, like absolutely everybody else, without exception, I do not get it all right all the time, every person who ever writes regularly for woodys as far as I can recall sooner or later has “got it wrong” one way or another, so why should I be left out, & sometimes, like now, it is appropriate that I am corrected, but there are other times, where it has been the other way around & I have been in a position to correct others.
    So that’s how it goes, we all correct each other, & that is how we all learn, & achieve the high standard of results, we all strive for so very hard, for Alan, & our fellow boaties.

    I think with our collective input, all of us, including me, do very well. Unfortunately, unlike Harold, I don’t have the APYMBA data base at my fingertips, to check these things, & as it was all so very long ago I think overall I do ok , secondly the CHEROKEE, could not have been 34 feet long, Thirdly, I knew Bensky well, & amongst other things, bought furniture off him from his business, Barnett Barnett Ltd., in Mt Roskill, & cruised in company with him. Also he must have called all his boats MISTRAL, because I have pics I took of a c32 foot motor sailer he owned in the 1950 era, which was also called MISTRAL then, & it still is today, as per pics I took c1950 & last year, at Gulf Harbour — will send all to Alan. I tend to think the readers would rather have my lovely pic & input, of CHEROKEE, than no pic & associated wording, even if it does need some elements correction. — KEN R


  9. Well, fair warning, you can be assured of plenty of entertainment to come if I have to continue seeing these mythologies on WW.
    Maybe I’ll take vintagesteamer’s advice and take to the single malts to blur the pain.


  10. “Can I make a plea for some sort of review of this kind of material BEFORE it gets on WW and Google?”

    No way guys, testing the data first is not allowed. The debate and argument for the mistakes is just as good as the detail about the woodies!


  11. The water’s been thoroughly muddied here, yet again. Maybe that MISTRAL/INVADER connection was another Ricketts construct?


  12. Mistral still Mistral I believe, or was in the eighties when behind a house in St Heliers bay road.


  13. This looks like another example of Ricketts garbled material, drawn solely out of his childhood memory banks. Pure unauthenticated anecdote. Curate’s egg once again.
    Starting with PLEASURE LADY, she was built by Roy Parris in 1954 for Monty Rae of Bassett Road, Remuera. She was 33’/32’/10’6″/2’9″. So far so good.
    INVADER was built as MISTRAL in 1955 for Barney Bensky and was 30’/27’/10’/2’9″. In 1963 she was owned by the Lees brothers and had a Lees 6 cylinder Ford (naturally enough). “Bert Costello owned her later and changed her name to INVADER”. That last Costello bit was recorded in my database many years ago from information supplied by Ken Ricketts. I wonder why he’s switched horses to CHEROKEE in the intervening years? Deterioration of the synapses?
    CHEROKEE was built for J. W. Farrell in 1958 and, according to Bo Farrell, was a 34 footer. She had a 100hp Gray. No sign anywhere of Bert Costello.
    Can’t see how they could be regarded as “almost identical”!
    More Ricketts hyperbole??
    Can I make a plea for some sort of review of this kind of material BEFORE it gets on WW and Google?


  14. Isnt she with flybridge at Milford?

    Debatable how similar the 3 are apart from being raised foredeck with sedan cabin from Parris I reckon


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