Maitiatia Classics

photo ex Simon Smith ex the Sir George Grey Collection

The scene above is a wee bit different from life today in Maitiatia at Waikehe Island. The hills look a lot higher without todays planting & housing.
Its not the best of photos in terms of quality but there certainly are a lot of classics at anchor – must have been a holiday weekend.


Looking For Info On waitematawoodys ?

You may have noticed that I sometimes repeat post ww followers comments in the main section of ww. I do this because when you use the ww search box the search does not include content posted in the COMMENTS section. If you want to do a full search of the ww site, use google. Just enter followed by the word / topic you are interested in e.g. clinker dinghy & you will see all the content that relates to those words.

The lack of a full search function is the wordpress site administrators doing, not mine, its done to limit excess ‘chit-chat’ filtering into posts.
When content is factual & very interesting (just about anything that Harold Kidd writes) I repeat it.
So remember if you want to view every single item on a subject, use google as I described above.

As I post this I’m sure Karen Moren is typing mcgeady into google right now 🙂

3 thoughts on “Maitiatia Classics

  1. Done just for you Russell, now as you come down from your claret infused jet lag you can ID for us 😉 AH
    Remember to click the image to enlarge & then you can also scroll between the 2 enlarged photos


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