Now I don’t know much about Feather, I took the above photos while mooching about Milford Marina one afternoon. I’m pretty sure she is a lengthened Logan 33 replica, the in/outboard is another hint that she is a hybrid, so that would mean she is most likely glass & not a woody – BUT there is one feature that helps get her on ww………. now if you know Milford Marina  you’ll know that it is very tidal & the average owner built set-up for getting down & up to your boat would make the front cover of the  Health & Safety Journal. Not so with Feather, hers is a thing of beauty & its wood 😉

Interested to learn more on Heather – she looks fast.

Update 11-07-2015

She is hauled out at Geoff Bagnell’s Milford yard – her bum looks very smooth 🙂

17 thoughts on “Feather

  1. My brother David built and owns Feather. He now lives in Devonport, hence her move from Doves Bay to Milford. David has done a few trips up and down the coast. He usually cruises at about 8 knots, which is in keeping with the design, but can reach high speeds if the need for a quick passage arises. He has a similar lightweight outboard powered boat at his other home on an island out from Vancouver.


  2. In fact there are two other sneaky four stroke outboard powered Woodies in the creek now! Just wait till I have the new diesel outboards here…..


  3. Yes the top is foam and glass so a great deal more high tech than the standard Logan, also rather cleaned up underwater compared to them, I love how Mr Barker sneaked her into a couple of his paintings (in the background a few years ago) .AH if you had looked at the opposite side of Wairau Cove right against the road you would have observed another take on the nice wooden ladder – agricultural perhaps but sturdy and practical leading to another interesting o/b powered classic.(All Wood)


  4. David Barker usually put her in the Kerikeri Cruising Club Marina at Doves Bay each summer, and took her home to his house on the hill for winter, which is when he usually went overseas. She is barely a Logan 33 though. Feather by name and Feather by nature, she is SO light and is very much a product of David Barker’s thinking. He became exasperated with progress at Logan Classic Boats and took the hull away to be built by someone who knew what he was looking for, I forget whom.

    Feather is pretty nice inside and performs her function well as a fast day boat with overnight capabilities. She goes like the clappers and did a Vooom past us, going across the Bay one Saturday, that made us feel like we were anchored 🙂 .

    I believe he has since sold up in Kerikeri and moved elsewhere. Tauranga I heard?

    Nice to see the boat again.


  5. Does the name David Barker mean anything? Artist and designer of innovative catamarans and Heather. There was an article in Boating NZ on him and on Heather in the last two years that sets out a lot about her.


  6. By wood, you mean carbon fibre/kevlar?! I skipped school for a morning to watch her launching in 6th form at Waipapa Landing Kerikeri.


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