Mandalay II?

colour photos ex Ken Ricketts

The question for ww’s today is – is the Mandalay above the same boat as below – the 1957 Mandalay, built by Dave Jackson & Graham Christian in Devonport for Ken Quinton. She was designed by Brin Wilson ?
Keen to know more on the vessel.


5 thoughts on “Mandalay

  1. Yes it was a Brin Wilson design, and and built by Dave Jackson. We have owned ‘Mandalay’ since 1988, and John Gladdon raised the front cabin and extended the stern to include bait tanks in 1994. We keep her at Gulf Harbour, and have had many wonderful holidays aboard.
    Bob and Pat Rodgers


  2. Yet again, we’ve been here before, before, before, before, before…………………………….


  3. Can’t believe I didn’t cross reference these when I took the pics a few months ago, & having now done so, am certain it is the same boat, notwithstanding the addition of the forward tram top, at the front end of the main cabin, & the appendage on the cabin top. The forward portholes in the flare are the same size, in the same place, the sweep in the deck is the same proportions starting in the same position, the windows are the same shape & size in the main cabin, — it just has to be the same one. Will now do some further research, as I think I may be able to contact the present owner & get further info. — KEN R


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