Blue Fin

photos & details ex Harold Kidd

The above photo of Blue Fin is from the Tudor Collins Bay of Islands game fishing collection*. She was built in 1948 by the Lane Motor Boat Co for Sid Guest of Whangarei who had  Meander built by Sam Ford in 1937.
Blue Fin was originally 38′ but was later lengthened by 4′. She had twin Scripps V8s originally.

*the images in the collection were bought at a flea-market by Sharon Knight who has made them available via Harold for all of ww followers to relish.

15-02-2018 Update from Nathan Herbert – photo below ex ‘NZ Cars, Boats, Motorbikes,Truck,Vans,Utes, Pre 1975 FB page. Shows Alma G & Blue Fin. Photo from the Akl Museum Tudor Collins collection



4 thoughts on “Blue Fin

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  2. Bluefin is currntly moored on “C” finger of the Hobsonville Marina, i remember her as a charter boat in the BOI where i chartered her on a number of occasions for snapper fishing, in the late 6o’s.


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