Thames Mud Spa For Old Ladies

Thames Mud Spa For Old Ladies

Now I have friends with boats in Milford Marina who moan about the mud & that the ‘creek’ does not get dredged enough. A trip to Thames at low tide would silence them for a while 🙂

These photos were taken by Nathan Herbert on a recent trip south of the border.

Lady Dianna is looking in need a some TLC. Click the link to view more on Lady D here

Update 15/11/2014 – Our roving boat spotter Nathan suspects the b/w photo below may be Okataina thats featured above in the mud with the rather large block of flats on top. In Nathan’s eyes the portholes, tram top snd dodger are identical. I’ll let you decide.

20 thoughts on “Thames Mud Spa For Old Ladies

  1. I agree with Nathan – that photo is of OKATAINA being crained into the water when new. My brothers and I knew OKATAINA when she was at Taupo and once dreamed of owning her. It was not to be – but we purchased her Chrysler Ace when it was discarded in favour of a diesel in 1975, and installed said engine in ROMANCE when we rebuilt her. The photo which Nathan has turned up is most interesting to us – thanks Nathan and WW.


  2. Yes the Kaipara is a great place full of nooks and crannies. More than happy to show any of you guys around. We are now living in Helensville and I am working as crew on one of the sand barges.


  3. Zach could tell us where they all are over ‘that side.’
    I first meet Zach some years ago in Ruawai, after knocking at his front door wanting to photograph the dory on his front lawn.
    He said I could see more of these neat little work boats, his family ( uncle) had built, just down the road.
    Perhaps I should ask Zach if he’s happy for me to send a million and one people to this secret hide away. Many of you have probably been there anyhow?
    Tell us more Zach. ( this young man is realy good)


  4. That was exactly the idea here on this day, I had just dropped my shaft and prop off to Bri- Ski to have a new prop made, so decided to go a little further and have a look. Keen to see some people’s similar photos from the Kaipara if they have any too! Helensville has a few boats but literally only 1 or 2 of interest on that wee mud marina.


  5. We love stumbling on little pockets, haveans like this around nz, the Kaipara.
    The rickety jettys and t tree stakes with kingfishers perched on top. And the flat bottom boats of various design pulled up into the little streams and on the surrounding banks.
    I can’t wait to take my camera and hot coffee and explore this little spot.


  6. Nathan, is the small launch you refer to the one next door to Lady Dianna ? Her name is Lady Ann,she had a major refit year or two ago.Powered with a 4-cyl Ford she is very tidy and is using my berth whilst I finish refitting my Alan Wright twin keeler.And the large launch in the mangroves is the ex Manukau ferry AWHITU. Harold knows her earlier history.And despite the tidal vagaries Thames is a perfect hurricane berth.And with the amount of fresh water from the two rivers marine fouling is relatively slight.


  7. To speak of other boats there, what is the big double ended thing?? Nice bronze cleats on stern. There was also an un-photographable very large launch stuck behind mangroves, a hull sort of like an old tourist launch. Also a small launch behind boats on a locked pier which could have looked Coulthard-esque, wish I could have gotten closer, my boat wants sisters! Any clues on the small hard chine thing, Vos-ish Deeming-ish perhaps.


  8. At least we didn’t get Ken’s usual frantic haka about painted coamings (or combings as he calls them) this time around….and Colin’s name was Lanham, not Lannum.
    We’ve been subjected by Ken to this rave and gush about Lanham and Parkinson a couple or three times already on WW. When will it stop?


  9. Until the arrival of marinas in the 1960s, in the east and south of england mud berths were a very desireable winter berthage option for small craft. A safe haven with minimal marine growth. I remember passing the J Class sloops Endeavour and Velsheda which lay together in an estuary near Lymington for 40 years without any bottom cleaning or anti fouling.


  10. That’s a bit strong. Lady Dianna only wants some paint stripping/sanding and a repaint which may have gone one season overdue to look 100%, she has no visible damage, rot or corrosion. Apache was pristine.


  11. Having known LADY DIANNA & her original owner Colin Lannum well, from when she was new, & so beautifully finished & kept in such pristine condition by Colin L, who was an artisan cabinet maker, with a very successful business, at that time, (refer the photo at Mansion House Bay, I took Christmas in 1948). It is very sad to see her wallowing in the mud like this — he would turn in his grave if he could see her now , likewise Harold Parkinson would do the same to see his beautifully kept APACHE in the mud, although she does seem to look quite tidy. At least they are both still “alive” & hopefully LADY D will get some much needed TLC real soon — KEN RICKETTS


  12. What a great set of photos, and I always wondered what happened to Apache. She was in a photograph (Squadron Bay) with Alofa, a sister ship to Castaway, and Tiromoana


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