Nereides Repaired & Relaunched

Nereides Repaired & Relaunched

Received some great news from Mark Lever the owner of Nereides on Friday, she went back in the water last week looking all shiny and sharp. When I first saw the photos of her 1/2 submerged (below) my heart sank, could this be the end of such a glorious ship……….. but having meet her owner I had faith that we would see Nereides returned to her finest again – well folks I’m stunned, she is genuinely better than before.

Aside from fixing the ‘hole’ – Mark took the opportunity to strip all old varnish off the wheel house and replace it with Awlwood MA. She also has been treated to a hull repaint.
Given the H2o she took on board, the engine was pulled out and rebuilt and the interior rewired. Mark also took the opportunity re worked the helm station to a more traditional appearance & to also create more room.
A new addition is a second skylight (modeled on the existing but non opening) which allows more light into the saloon.

Nereides is a special boat to me, she was one of the objects of desire that got me into this wooden boating gig – & is on my bucket list.

Owners like Mark & Sue Lever deserve a medal – the CYA needs more owners as committed as they are 🙂

Nereides Oops 1

Jan 2021 Updated Photo – Spotted at Moturoa Island by Dennis Rule aboard Summer Wine

4 thoughts on “Nereides Repaired & Relaunched

  1. Hooray! And well done! There are few enough Joe Jukes boats still around – we can’t afford to lose one.


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