Designed by Bill Couldrey and built by Frank Wilkins, launched in 1961, Kotare is a ,28′ kauri planked launch, currently based in Kerikeri.
A CYA member is looking for more information on her past & present.

6 thoughts on “Kotare

  1. Hi Nicola. I believe the Kotare is now in the Bay of Islands and looking good. Is your dad related to Johnny Prouse…..Mark and Christine Prouse of Northcote


  2. Phil Prouse was my Dad and I remember spending many glorious summers and on this boat, sunbathing on the roof. I hope it’s giving someone else some good memories now


  3. Frank was my stepfather and was a craftsman. He built yachts for us as kids and was in fact a Gold Medal Cabinet maker of fine furniture. He was a good carver as well as quite a cartoon artist……..he was a very clever man and I have some of his beautiful furniture in my home.


  4. My name is Sharon Prentice and yes I owned Kotare, at the same time I owned Kotare my Brother -in-Law Geoff Prentice owned Cleo (or Chloe). My Brother-in-Law actually made the new smaller mast that you now see on her. A wonder example of true craftsmanship.


  5. Frank was my grandfather. I remember a cruise on the Kotare in 1977. He made a wooden model of her too, about 1/24 scale. I believe there was an article on her in one of the NZ boating magazines about 20 years ago.


  6. Bill Couldrey designed her n 1960 for Frank Wilkins of Church St., Northcote to build for himself and he launched her in October 1961 with a 45hp BMC diesel. Subsequent owners included Phil Prouse in 1997 when she had a BMC Tempest 62hp diesel.


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