photos ex Eddie Vowles

Vulcan, built by Joe Slattery, was owned by Eddie’s grandfather, who had set line fished from her and explored all the tidal rivers in the Harbour and Gulf. Eddie recalls that the above photos of her haul out were just prior to her sale in c.1943.

If you were ever looking for guidance on what a tram-top / doghouse launch should look like -you need look no further than Vulcan 🙂

Harold Kidd Input
Vulcan was built by Joe Slattery at Judges Bay in late 1913 and had a Vulcan engine, which weren’t very common.
Her first owners were T G Parven and Rowe who owned her until c1922 when J W S Penalligen bought her. Eddie’s grandfather Rowland Vowles bought her about 1935 and owned her throughout the war. The pics in question were taken about 1943 when she was hauled up in Ngatataringa Bay at the foot of Bulwer St, off Abbotsford Tce, Devonport.

Any one able to ID the other launch hauled out alongside her?

And the obvious question – what happened to Vulcan?

As an aside I live 4 houses from where Eddies great grandfather, William Thomas Vowles, a fisherman, lived in Devonport – small world. The whole family, great grandfather, grandfather (Rowland), parents & Eddie all lived in Devonport.

4 thoughts on “Vulcan

  1. I put a request for information on -they have a pic of a big Vulcan. The Collings and Bell boat -yep, I reckon. She’d have been a scorcher in her time.


  2. Harold has the book, I’m sure -I drew first. Stan Grayson’s fine reference book American Marine Engines lists Vulcan: “Vulcan Engine Works Philadelphia. “A 1916 ad reveals that Vulcan focussed on low-speed, 400 to 500 rpm engines probably intended for commercial operations. These were T head models equipped with, as was usual, a single updraft carburettor. The smallest model was a 95 cubic inch 4 hp single with an 18″ flywheel that weighed 300 lb. The largest was a 2526 ci 75 hp 4 cylinder which weighed 5000 lb.” I wonder where the poor old thing ended up -on the end of whose mooring chain. Wouldn’t it be great if it was still under someone’s house in Devo. A door to door approach, Fearless Leader?


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