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I sent waitematawoodys stalwart Ken Ricketts today a rather disturbing email with a link to a trademe listing. You may recall that several months ago I posted the story of one of the loves of Kens life, the MV Tiarri, the launch that Ken had built & later sold. Subsequently Tiarri dragged her anchor one new years eve & was washed ashore – the full story of Tiarri can be viewed by typing Tiarri into the search box on the top R.H. corner of this page. Ken has an SOS plea – read below. AH

Is there a boat restoration magician out there anywhere – looking for a big project?

The two photos above show Tiarri waiting to be launched on her launching day, brand new & as she I sighted her this afternoon on tradme, they tell the story of my most wonderful, beautiful pride & joy. There were tears this afternoon when I saw the trademe posting.

At 77, sadly, the time has passed, for me to be able to become involved & save Tiarri myself.

There must be someone who can love TIARRI as I have & will nurture her back to her former glory.

If I can help with any info or whatever, please email me direct at



11 thoughts on “Tiarri SOS

  1. SAINT ALAN!!! I Would like to take a moment to pay homage & tribute to SAINT ALAN,!! for without this as yet uncanonised saint, ( it’s only a matter of time of course), I would not be writing this, the next chapter of “The TIARRI Story,” of what will now definitely be the on-going life of my special boat, (special to me anyway). Am thrilled to report that she was plucked form her would be grave in the rural part of Whakatane yesterday & is now resting safely at Mahurangi Marina on the Warkworth River, having arrived early this afternoon, for a complete restoration, almost certainly to be done by Wayne Olsen, if he’s available, which, by what garth Broadhead her new owner tells me, will follow almost exactly as to how she originally looked. Not only this, but he when asked if he would give her a name of his choice, his reply was, “there is no decision to make — she will always be TAIRRI during my ownership,” — You can how thrilled I am about everything.

    ALAN, This marvellous 2 days in my life is totally as a result of your wonderful input & taking TIARRI & ME under your wing as it were, & putting that special “SOS” post in woodys — words can’t say how much gratitude is in my heart — THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH FOR EVERYTHING!! — You alone have saved the life of this beautiful boat, for without this post, & you graciously agreeing to do it, (I fully realise this is not a typical woodys post), Garth would never have known about her.

    She is in a way part of his heritage, & I know he is a thrilled to have her as I am for him to do so. – Hope perhaps it may give at the very least a great sense of satisfaction.

    I have sent you a full pictorial essay to you of her “move in to her future from the depths of her would be grave” the whole story in pictures, including the Harbour Bridge crossing. I trust you will enjoy these. – KEN RICKETTS


  2. Thanks Nathan. Well I leapt “sight unseen” in the end as she was getting perilously close to getting the chainsaw treatment and I was unable to find time to get down there. The owner’s assessment was that the only area of rot is in the starboard forward area of the flying bridge coamings, but we shall see. Hopefully down there in the next few days and will keep woodys posted!


    I have had a number of conversations with Garth Broadhead over the last couple of months or so.
    if you read the history of TIARRI, you will see that the idea to create TIARRI, was conceived Labour weekend Saturday 1974 when I visited on Garth’s late father’s boat EROS, (now LADY KIWI), & TIARRI was basically built in her image with an increase in beam, & started 2 years later in 1976. Garth never lost his own great fondness for his fathers boat, & has spoken to me of her, with great warmth, & has confirmed to me he has now bought the boat created, as I said, in EROS’s image, & is proposing to bring her back to life in the fullness of time. WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much Garth, for being her “lifesaver.” — KEN RICKETTS


  4. Thank you also so much Ann & Steve, for the mental supportf tor what to me is a wonderful cause — am still hoping someone can do something — KEN RICKETTS


  5. Hi Ken is such a shame to see so much hard work and love end up like this. Reading the Q&A on Trade Me there is definitely a story there. If we didnt have so much on our plate with Avanti we would have had a good look. We send our supporting thoughts to you and hope someone does restore her and you get to see her back and beautiful as she should be. Ann and Steve Hood (Avanti)


  6. Thank you so much too for the lovely words foirm your heart, my Darling Daughter, Karina — I didn;t know you were going to put this on “woodys,” but it is l;ovely — I know we both feel it so much — DAD


  7. This is extremely sad to see and I really feel for you Ken. I have a soft spot for Vindexes (most, not all) and yours looks like she was one of the best of that era. A difficult one really, having no driveline or accessories included. Such a big project, she is no Vindex 28. Perhaps if a boatbuilder wants to make a dollar which may be the best thing to initially save her- perhaps a decent single screw installation and a good basic interior will get her going and ready for subsequent owners to build on and build her value and aesthetic closer to what she once was.


  8. I have posted this on facebook as well, It is a tradgedy to see her like this I cried when my father emailed the picture to me. I hope with all my heart she can be saved.


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