5 thoughts on “Mystery Launch 29/11/2013

  1. Re the Lourena, I didn’t scroll down before posting so missed Rowan Watson’s post, it appears there are two models on existence the one dad made when he designed her and one Mel would have made during building/after launching. I hope Rowan‘s is in better condition. It’s good to see she is still going strong. Looking forward to an update, thanks Lou.


  2. Hi guys, by chance thought I would try to find a boat from my childhood. Put in the name and up she came on your site in Opua asking for info. Ok the vessels name (original) was “Lourena” which is a combination of dads name Lou (St George) and the original owner builders wife’s name Rena (Watson). She was built at Plimmerton in Wellington at Mel Watson’s place (think it was Mel there were two brothers Mel & Ken) to a design by dad. I still have the original model dad built, in need of restoration and she would have been built early to mid 50’s. Would love to see photos of her now. The high bow small wheelhouse windows were for the bar at Plimmerton where she was originally moored. Last I heard of her she was down in the sounds but looks great on the picture. (As an aside when dad & the “Wattie’s were laying the keel dad lost the tip of his finger under the keel when it slipped, didn’t stop them though they finished the job first!!


  3. Nice to see she is still going, or was in 2013. My Grandfather built this one, i just came across his original hand made model again this morning which is what prompted me to search for the old girl.


  4. Her name is LOURENA, she is 35 feet long, looks as if she was built in the 50s & belongs to Phil Allely, who has had her for 7 years, & bought her off Michael Hayes at Whangaroa, who had bought her up from Picton,. She was built by Watson Bros in Wellington, & has a 4 cyl 80 hp Ford diesel . I will have more info later. — KEN RICKETTS


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